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  • Scenes: Store and recall grid selections

  • Hold: Global hold button lets you make selections (in several grids) and "launch" your changes at once.

  • Sub-Grouping (Multi-Presets): Easily select more than 1 preset for the same group, creating sub-groups.

  • Transitions: Easy to use 10 transition MATricks, with advanced Transition editor.

A feature rich playback grid generator.



 / Requires MA3 v2.0.2.x

Live Grid

Live Grid


Quick and smart editor for 10 transitions.

Transition Editor

Quickly switch between editable transitions.


Select multiple presets for the same group. Uses sub-grouping MATrick.

Sub - Grouping

Hold selection, make several grid selections and then release.



Store and recall scenes with auto-generated thumbnails.

Marco Bento, Portugal

Shut Up!

”Easy and simple setup without any additional software.

Shut up and take my money plugin :-)”

Lorcan Clarke, USA

Game Changer

”This is an absolute game changer for programming at home onPC. The plug-in interface is very easy to use and fast to configure. This plugin speeds up making presets, layout views or even moving timecode events.”

You, Somewhere

  • Fix: fix windowChangeListener not acting when assigned layout changes

  • Fix: fix update config when All-Group changes

  • Fix: fix build output to have MA3 2.0 prefix

​v1.0.4 [05-19-24]

  • Fix: fix windowChangeListener errors. Disable listening for window resize, only for layout change.

​v1.0.1 [05-18-24]

  • Initial release

​v1.0.0 [05-12-24]

Version History

Version History

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