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  • Allows switching cues while keeping the "Blend amount"

Similar to a Temp Fader, but works well on sequences with multiple cues.



 / Compatible with MA3 v1.9.x, v2.0.x

Size Fader

Size Fader

Marco Bento, Portugal

Shut Up!

”Easy and simple setup without any additional software.

Shut up and take my money plugin :-)”

Lorcan Clarke, USA

Game Changer

”This is an absolute game changer for programming at home onPC. The plug-in interface is very easy to use and fast to configure. This plugin speeds up making presets, layout views or even moving timecode events.”

You, Somewhere

Version History

  • Fix: fix error when creating an instance

  • Fix: fix default suggested executors when creating an instance

  • Fix: fix issues when the current Exec Config has height of more than 1, or key is not Go+

  • Fix: fix dangling active clone seq after version update

​v1.0.4 [04-23-24]

  • Fix: avoid calling instance regenerate when anything changes in a cue other than the name or appearance

  • Fix: fix error that sometimes occurred when storing a cue and then doing another operation on the cue without waiting for the cue to be created.

  • Fix: workaround a MA3 bug, and avoid redundant instance refresh when a MATrick of a cue's recipe changes.

​v1.0.3 [04-08-24]

  • Fix: add a workaround for a MA3 bug introduced in v2.0.0.4

​v1.0.2 [03-15-24]

  • Fix: fix error in new instance validation

  • Core: new core v1.0.11 

​v1.0.1 [01-02-24]

  • Fix: fix Speed Masters in case they get renamed

  • Fix: fix error when cue name has a '%' character in it

  • Fix: fix errors related to UI dialogs

  • Change: change default instance name to NOT include the sequence and exec numebrs

​v1.0.0 [11-09-23]

  • Fix: When creating instance, the default Control exec will not be an exec which is already assigned.

  • Fix: Add cleanup of old leftovers from previous versions that runs when the install is finished.

  • New: Old plugin objects are deleted during installation

​v0.5.0 BETA [10-25-23]

  • Fix: Update the source sequence settings and clone settings whenever any of them change.

  • Fix: fix errors when main cue part's index is not 0

  • Fix: Check if execTime is enabled

  • Fix: fix custom dialogs that sometime become non-interactive

  • Fix: apply source sequence settings to initial sequence clone when creating an instance

  • Fix: sync ALL source sequence setting to clone sequences

  • Fix: Don't force OffWhenOverride for clone sequences

  • Fix: Refresh instance whenever a cue changes in the source sequence or control sequence

  • Fix: Do not lock control sequence

  • Fix: fix update loop when creating SequenceWidget on Control sequence

  • Fix: fix error when the active cue is deleted

​v0.4.0 BETA [09-25-23]

  • New: Fade-Time, respect "Use Exec Time", or RateMaster, or cue fade time.

  • New: Add default control executor when creating an instance.

  • Fix: fix core plugin uninstall. internal sub-pools were not deleted.

  • Fix: fix core plugin version update.

  • Fix: Sync all source sequence settings to the clone sequences.

  • Fix: fix version update.

​v0.3.0 BETA [08-30-23]

  • New: New Main Dialog

  • New: Change Config to include Source Sequence and Control Sequence

  • New: Apply default sequence settings to the Control sequence: { WrapAround: Enable, restartMode: 'Current Cue' }

  • New: Support Off-ing the Control sequence

  • New: Lock Control sequence

  • New: Delete instance if fader exec is deleted

  • Fix: make sequence clones using 'Assign' not 'Copy'

  • Fix: Update plugin when source sequence, control seq or fader exec are moved

  • Fix Windows install (hopefully)

  • Optimize: avoid cloning when available clone is found.

​v0.2.0 BETA [08-24-23]

  • Initial version

​v0.1.0 BETA [08-17-23]

Version History

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