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  • New: Add progress-bar during installation

  • Fix: fix issue with sub-pool registry sync of common sub-pool views

​v1.3.4 [09-06-23]

  • New: Allow deleting internal sub-pools

  • New: Use new styled dialogs for Remove-Sub-PoolView, and Resize Sub-Pool actions

  • Fix: fix errors with deleteing and adding pool-views

  • Fix: remove redundant startUp event call

​v1.3.3 [09-03-23]​ - BETA

  • New: New ProPluginOptions dialog

  • New: New Core version v1.0.1

  • Fix: fix UninstallDialog stretch bug

  • Fix: fix Remove-Sub-Pool dialog's width

  • Infra: improve hooks infra (Allow listening for specific property changes)

  • Infra: Support disabling hooks of previous versions

  • Optimize: don't create AddonVars when checking isExist

  • Refactor: refactor undo block

​v1.3.2 [08-17-23]​ - BETA

  • Fix errors related to "All" Preset pools

  • New Dialogs

  • New Add Pool dialog

  • Add "Timer" and "Quickkeys" pools

  • New ProPlugins Core v1.0.0

​v1.3.1 [08-08-23]​ - BETA

  • Fix error in cases where there is a pool with more than 20 sub-pools.

​v1.2.5 [05-17-23]

  • InstanceDialog: Add Assign To View Button

  • Fix version upgrade error cause when an instance exists that is no assigned to a view button.

  • Fix missing installed images, when moving show file to another console.

​v1.2.4 [05-07-23]

  • Make it compatible with both MA3 v1.9 and MA3 v1.8

  • New Instance configuration:

    • Auto-fit to screen (It was only a global option for the whole plugin, now it's per instance)

    • Use Common SubPool Views: Allows sharing the sub-pool views of a pool between instances.

  • Direct View Update: Whenever the plugin needs to update a View it can do it directly without modifying the Screen Content.​

  • Add SubPool View: Opens a dialog that allows either creating a new Sub-Pool, or adding an existing Sub-Pool

  • Delete SubPool View: Opens a dialog asking wether to delete the SubPoolView only, or also the SubPool itself. 

​v1.2.2 [04-25-23]

  • Fix error when upgrading version and a screen with a pool browser is not displayed

  • Fix version update, keep view-button names and appearances

  • Fix version update error when uninstalling old version

​v1.1.2 [04-10-23]

  • Add optimization (cache) to reduce plugin data read operations

  • Optimize SelectionLayout

  • Fix error when sub-pool changes and a screen with a pool browser is not displayed

​v1.1.1 [04-10-23]

  • Fix bug when User is not using the Default ScreenConfiguration

​v1.0.3 [02-24-23]

  • Fix default pools creation when the patch is empty

​v1.0.2 [02-15-23]

  • Fix Window auto-fit errors in some cases

  • Fix default Sub-Pool creation when there are objects outside sub-pools

​v1.0.1 [02-14-23]

  • Fix some sub-pool range change issues

  • Fix delete all sub-pool object for preset pools

  • Fix some sub-pool actions that fail when there are locked objects

  • Lock plugin object after install

  • Fix SubPoolStartStep when an available rnage is suggested

​v1.0.0 [02-13-23]

  • Fix sub-pool resize not working

  • Fix sub-Pool resize flickering

  • Fix sub-pool rename

  • Fix multiple sub-pool change event registration

  • Fix PluginRegistry event dispatch and handling

​v0.7.0 [02-08-23]

  • Fix install/uninstall issues when upgrading version.

  • When you upgrade from 0.6.1 to 0.6.2 you will loose your configured sub-pools and selection views.

v0.6.2 [02-07-23]

  • Fix Condense, and resize preset sub-pools

  • Change the logic for creating initial sub-pools

  • Separate Sub-Pool data from plugin data.

  • Rework plugin install/update/uninstall

  • Support all pool types

v0.6.1 [02-05-23]

  • Fix Installation: Image importer was not closing image files.

  • Install library images to a sub-folder, and remove this sub-folder on uninstall.

  • Add detailed uninstall message

v0.5.2 [01-24-23]

  • Add Split Sub-Pool action

  • Add Resize Sub-Pool buttons

  • Fix preset pools navigation: when changing pools the sub-pool window was not updated

  • Fix Uninstall, so it deletes the screen content where the plugin is displayed

  • Fix Auto-Store Preset

  • Add warning if plugin I not "InStream"

  • Error Handling: prompt user to do DumpLog

  • Minor: Selection Layout's config button now opens the plugin's main menu

  • Minor: Change Sub-Pool Edit Dialog to show Start & End instead of Start & Size

  • Minor: SelectionLayout: Allow collapsing the controls without it change the selection-mode to 'select'. So you can keep adding pools or sub-pools to the last 4 spaces.

  • Minor: Fix plugin version in XML file

  • Minor: Fix random order of input fields in Dialogs

  • Minor: Improve error handling. Prompt user to do DumpLog. Default LogLevel = TRACE.

  • Minor: Change initial pools and sub-pools

v0.5.1 [01-23-23]

  • Add/Remove Sub-Pools

  • Improved Undo (Oops) behaviour


  • Add Info Panel

  • Add Sub-Pool Actions:

    • Delete All, Condense, Sort, Auto-Store, Change Range


  • Add Auto-Fit to screen


  • Fix zip file to work on windows


Version History


Pool Browser  &  Sub-Pool Manager

Manage your pool objects in Sub-Pools

(e.g. pool index ranges 1-20, 21-40)


  • Keep it organized: Easily collect your pool objects into named sub-pools.

  • Save Screen Space: A single view with ALL your pool objects.

  • Sub-Pool Tools:  Rename, Resize, Move (with collision detection)

  • Object Tools: Sort objects alphabetically, Auto-Store to next available index, Delete all objects,

Requires MA3 1.9

Pool Browser

Pool Browser


Keep your show file organized and everything accessible

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