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  • Fix: fix error when creating instance

​v1.3.8 [03-18-24]

  • Add: support for MA3 v2.0.x

  • Add: NoOops option to all plugin commands

  • Fix: react error currentRoot nil

  • New Core 1.0.16

​v1.3.7 [03-18-24]

  • Core: new core version v1.0.6. (Recommended to fix small issues when using also other plugins that have core v1.0.6)

  • Fix: fix rare issues with UI dialogs

  • Infra: small generic fixes to infrastructure

  • Refactor: refactor WidgetManager

​v1.3.5 [11-10-23]

  • Fix: fix errors when sequence is locked

  • Add: add noOops for instance actions (To avoid errors when Oops-ing)

​v1.3.4 [09-19-23]

  • Fix: fix custom dialogs that sometime become non-interactive

​v1.3.3 [09-18-23]

  • Fix: fix errors when a main cue part's index is not 0

  • Fix: fix major version (was 0 , should have been 1)

​v1.3.2 [09-10-23]

  • Fix version update dialog

  • Minor: Change label BG color

  • Minor: Limit to 16 instances

​v1.3.1 [09-04-23]

  • New: Fully sync cue button's Macro appearance with the cue appearance

  • Fix: Fix Oops after instance refresh (Storing/Delete Cue)

  • Fix: fix widget window init, to allow showing TitleBar.

  • Fix: fix core plugin uninstall. internal sub-pools were not deleted.

  • Fix: fix core plugin version update

​v0.3.0 BETA [08-29-23]

  • New: Add Sequence button position to config (first, last, none)

  • New: Add Off button

  • Allow changing cue name and appearance by editing the macro (or Label command on cue button)

  • Fix: fix error when a sequence is deleted

  • Fix: fix delete instance so it is not in the undo stack.

  • Fix: fix uninstall error

  • Fix: seq button size

  • Fix: ProButton toggle state when opening an instance config

​v0.2.6 BETA [08-25-23]

  • Add cue label text size config

  • Create Widget Instance: Set initial sequence to either the selected sequence or the first sequence which does not already have a Widget.

  • Fix delete instance that didn't remove window change listeners

  • Fix Widget Window Init, to always occur. Alert dialog is shown only once.

  • Optimize Cue hooks to run ONLY when the cue name is changed

  • Fix Version update errors - When installing new version it first disabled the hooks of the previous version.

​v0.2.4 BETA [08-15-23]

  • Fix Install error on Windows.

  • Improve and Fix ProPluginsOptions Dialog

  • Fix build: create folder for MA3 version 1.9 only

​v0.2.3 BETA [08-12-23]

  • Fix error when the sequence is moved

  • Add Cue button appearance customization

  • Optimize: Make toggling widget config faster by using a separate Layout for config

  • New ProPlugins Core

  • New Dialogs

  • Fix: avoid redundant layout refresh when adding/removing cues

  • Fix errors when assigning a widget to a different sequence

​v0.2.0 BETA [08-07-23]

  • Fix error when deleting the sequence

  • Fix error in Create dialog when seq does not exist

  • Fix version update. Improve cue part commands

  • Fix: Allow showing LayoutView window title-bar

  • Fix: Update layout also if it is not displayed

  • Add error handling in main function and signal handling

  • Fix error when a cue has number 0

  • Add sync layout when cue is renamed or an appearance is set.

  • Known Issues:

    • Error when moving the sequence ​

    • When window's height is not a whole cell number then buttons don't fill the window

​v0.1.2 BETA [05-10-23]

  • Initial Version

  • Known Issues:

    • Getting Error when deleting the sequence​

    • When adding/removing a cue from the sequence, the layout view flickers until it is updated.

​v0.1.0 [05-07-23]

Version History


This plugin generates a responsive layout with cue-playback buttons.



  • Behaves like a PoolWindow: Cue buttons are ordered as a list, and auto fits the window's dimensions. (You can call it a CueWindow )

  • Auto-Sync-To-Sequence: Automatically syncs with the sequence when cues are added or removed.

  • Customize Cue Button Appearance: Show cue names or appearance or both side-by-side. Adjust button height and width.

Sequence Widget

 / Compatible with MA3 v1.9.x, v2.0.x

Sequence Widget

Marco Bento, Portugal

Shut Up!

”Easy and simple setup without any additional software.

Shut up and take my money plugin :-)”

Lorcan Clarke, USA

Game Changer

”This is an absolute game changer for programming at home onPC. The plug-in interface is very easy to use and fast to configure. This plugin speeds up making presets, layout views or even moving timecode events.”

You, Somewhere

Version History

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